Press Pause

A common theme today is that life feels overwhelming and busy. We feel like we must do it all so, we run nonstop through our obligations at work, school, church, home and beyond. In The Fourth Commandment God actually demands that we stop and rest yet this is the one command we are often rewarded for breaking. How can we make keeping the Sabbath a regular part of our lives? In honoring this deep and rich practice, we find God’s answer to our desires for control, striving, and success. We are provided with rest and the gift of presence. We are reminded that the world is God’s creation and under His control and while we act like “human doings” we are above all else, “human beings.” So, press pause on the harried grind through life and join us for this four-week series where we explore God’s sabbath requirement and the gift of deep restoration and peace that it provides.