Season 3

Alice Cooper - The Wisdom, Wit and Wickedness

Issues: Christianity, Faith, Rock music, Art, Creativity

A Symbol of Forgiveness

Issues: Forgiveness, Homicide, Faith

One in Five

Issues: College Campus, Rape, Education

Dealing With Debt

Issues: Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Debt

A Tale of Two Professors

Issues: Intelligent Design, Academic Freedom, Education, Atheist, Creation, DNA Mapping, Scientist, Research, Guillermo Gonzalez, Discovery Institute, Calvin College

Young at Heart

Issues: Alzheimer’s, Seniors, Late- life transition, nursing home, assisted living, Elderly

Secrets in Suburbia

Issues: Rehabilitation, Addiction, Teens, Drugs, Drug Abuse

Sex Slavery in America

Sex-slave, Victims, Pimp, Addiction, Recovery, prostitution, sex trafficking